Owner:                           MADA Real Estate

Location:                        Doha & Shatea

Type:                             Housing Complex

Start Date:                     Sep 2011

Status:                          Doha Completed &

                                    Shatea still ongoing

Scope of Work:

The scope of the contract includes the construction, completion and remedying of any defects therein of 186 residential units at Doha & Shatea.

It includes the implementation of the project over four residential fund, which includes 92 housing units spread over 44 independent villas and 48 duplex .

It will be built as well as 92 housing units in the beach district in Dammam from next week and the duration of action of 18 months. The project is characterized by geographical location in the beach neighborhood in the eighth nearby, where one of the charts where all the basic services required and close to all the shopping malls and cities recreational, health and educational facilities available, in addition to its proximity to the waterfront.

Project Pictures